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Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals

Jodi Frizzel | 26 February, 2019 |

            Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals

Have you been Cleansing your Crystals?

Crystals have and absorb vibrational energy. By cleansing your crystals you are returning them to their natural state, removing energy that the crystals may have absorbed from its surroundings. 

Here's a few tips to ensure you reset your crystals and their energy regularly.

Water: water flowing over the crystal whether that be from a tap or best a natural stream. If your are close to the ocean, you can use the ocean water energy to reconnect your crystal to the earth and cleanse off absorbed energy. You can place your crystals in a gauze bag and swish through the waters edge.  

Natural Light: The full moon is the ultimate cleanse and recharge. The moon energy is more powerful then we even know. The moon is responsible for all the water movement on planet earth. Placing your crystals out in the full moon will cleanse all absorbed energy out of the crystal and return it to it's natural state. Sunlight can also cleanse your crystals but be sure to not leave out too long. 

Earth: Placing your crystals on the earth or even burying the crystal in the dirt reconnects it to it's birth place and cleanses off unwanted energies. 

Charge Your Crystals

Now you have cleared all absorbed energies off the crystal you need to set some intentions. Crystals are a manifestation tool, and by holding them and visualising or speaking about what you want to attract to your life you will charge this positive energy into the crystal. Whenever you look at or touch that particular crystal you should state your intention. This practise works to encourage positive intention attraction to your life. Use your crystal as a constant reminder to stay focused. 

Enjoy the art of manifestation :-)