Collaborative Self-Care Space

Crystal Cleansing & Care

Crystal Cleansing

For a quick cleanse, rinse your crystal under running water and dry with a soft cloth, while saying or thinking of positive intentions.
Crystals have the ability absorb & hold energies, both positive & negative, so its important to cleanse and charge them often. When we say "cleanse" it is on a energetic level. A full moon can clear a crystal's energy and recharge the vibrational frequencies or positive energies. Let them bathe in the moonlight all night. 
It's also important to "charge" your crystals with your intentions. Think about your positive intentions & goals. You may like to say them aloud or write them on a piece of paper, do what ever feels right for you. It is said your intentions are potentialised through the energy of crystal.



Bottle Cleaning

Carefully remove the base & untwist the crystal. Remove the lid.

The glass bottle is dishwasher safe. Hand wash base & lid. 

Rinse crystal with water only. For a deep cleanse follow the crystal cleanse outlined above.