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What is a Crystal Elixir? 

Crystal elixirs, also called gem elixirs, vibrational medicine or crystal waters and are made by adding crystals to drinking water. Each crystal has a vibrational energy or frequency, by placing the crystal into drinking water these energies are transferred to the water. 

Are Miijo Crystal Elixirs Safe? 

Not all crystals are safe to use in direct contact with water as an elixir. Miijo uses only crystals that are rated more then 5 on the Moh's Hardness Scale. They are completely safe & non toxic. The crystal will not dissolve into the water.  

Capacity of the Bottle

Miijo Crystal water bottles are approximately 550ml. As crystals are a natural product and each crystal may be a slightly different size and take up more or less room in the bottle. 

What is the bottle made of? 

Our bottles are Borosilicate glass, which is less subject to thermal stress then other glasses. The lid and base is made of either stainless steel, or sustainable bamboo. The crystal is held in place with stainless wire. The crystal is natural gemstone.

Can the Bottle withstand heat or cold?

You can refrigerate the bottle (around 4 degrees). Do not place bottle into the freezer. Do not heat or add boiling water to the bottle, this will cause the bottle to crack or shatter. 

Can I change my crystals?

Yes you can, we have 6 crystals in our range and they are easily interchanged by screwing off from the base. 

Can I purchase the bottle separately?

Yes you can.I the sad event you smash your bottle, send us an email and we can organise a replacement bottle for $39 plus $10 shipping. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We would love to share Miijo globally. 

Can I become a reseller of Miijo? 

Of course you can! We offer wholesale accounts to both bricks & mortar stores/studio's and online stores. Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you within 24 hours.