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Miijo Australia Philosophy

Philosophy Behind Miijo Crystal Water

There are 3 things that work together to create a positive experience when drinking from a Miijo Australia Crystal Water Bottles.
Firstly, the human body needs water to live. It is fact that if we drink more (around 1 litre for every 20kgs) per day our body performs better, we can think clearer and the functions of the body operate more easily. There are other health benefits like weight management and hydration.
Secondly, our thought forms create our life, and in turn our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies and the world around us. Some people might call this a vibe, or energy, or aura, any way you look at it we are affected and can affect the people and things we come in contact with, in a positive or negative way.
Thirdly, crystals hold a vibrational frequency which is in tune with our chakras. It is said crystal become charged with the energy or intentions of their owner. Powering crystals with positive intentions encourages focus on your goals and intentions.Using the power of positive thought, crystal energy and water together marries the benefits of hydration and the continued reminder of positive thoughts and intentions, benefiting the user.


Miijo Australia Crystals

The crystals used by Miijo Australia are safe to be in direct contact with your drinking water and register 5 or more on the MOH's hardness scale. This means the crystals will not deteriorate or dissolve in the water.
6 types of crystal depending on the users intention. Crystals include: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Amethyst and Citrine. Occasional release of limited edition crystals depending on supply availability. Crystals are sourced from Mozambique, Brazil, Madagascar and China.
Miijo Australia encourages you to drink more water, smile often, know what your intention and purpose is and hope you to can enjoy the benefits of manifestation. 
Set the intention compass to positive and enjoy a free flowing, positive, life energy!