Collaborative Self-Care Space

Sister Skincare





Founded in 2019 out of need for something to use on our own sisters’ skin that didn’t strip from the top down, but instead built from the inside out.

The product developer half of our partnership (Tiarna) searched and searched for these kinds of products to use on her sister’s problematic and sensitive skin before resigning to the fact that if she wanted to find a perfect solution, she was going to have to make it herself. Little did she know that the marketing half of the partnership (Amy) was searching for organic skin products to use for her and her two sisters (two with a BRCA gene mutation and one with an autoimmune disease - so avoiding unnecessary harsh chemicals like the plague). The two met for what they thought was going to be a social media marketing consultation and walked out of the meeting 50/50 in a skincare company with a massive focus on skin health for all ages and skin types.

The drive behind the creation of the products is deep for both partners and comes from a need to make a tangible difference in the lives of women wanting to improve their skin health.