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Copper Bottles

In recent decades we have become digitally over-stimulated, we have been putting the body & mind through more stress than ever! Daily routines, what we are eating, technology & endless "striving" is impacting negatively on our physical, emotional & mental health. We are now becoming more aware of how important our wellbeing is to our overall health & incorporating ancient practices to renew, restore & maintain balance throughout our mind & body. 
Ayurveda (Life Knowledge) is a system of traditional Indian medicines or actions that encourage health & wellbeing to prevent the onset of illness, rather than trying to find a cure. Some of these practices include yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, acupuncture etc 
Copper Water
The ancient Indian Ayurveda tradition of drinking water stored in a copper vessel is making a come back! Copper water is a natural antioxidant and is believed that after 8 hours of water being stored in a copper vessel, copper ions dissolve in that water in very small amounts. The Copper water is said to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and may have other health benefits. Copper is an essential trace element that assists our immune and nervous systems. Our body cannot "make" copper so we need to ingest it from our food or water. 
Tip: When you first get your Copper Bottle rinse with a natural acidic solution of lemon and water to ensure the copper is cleansed.