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Bracenet - Baltic Sea


Handmade from real ghost nets. Each bracelet is unique and can differ slightly optically and in size due to the different net mesh quantity and sizes. Before the production all nets are cleaned in an environmentally friendly way.

1. Retrieval:

Together with marine conservation organisations Healthy Seas & Ghost Fishing, we free, in depths of more than 30 meters, reefs & shipwrecks of fishing nets that have been lost or intentionally sunk. 

2. Cleaning

After being retrieved, the nets are cleaned & treated by our partner Nofir using specialist process. We generally only know what coloraturas the nets are until cleaned. 

3. Production:

the nets are then further hand-processed by bracelet in Hamburg & made real for dispatch. Each finished Bracenet is a unique piece because of varying net structures, colours & sizes. 


Collected:February 2017

Colour: Grey with white/blue accents

Net: Two-rowed (around 2x 2,5mm) thick ghost net made out of HDPE (high density polyethylene).
Clasp: Matt gold/rosé or matt black magnetic stainless steel clasp (18 x 9mm) and engraved Bracenet logo

Giving Back 

10% will be donated to our partner organization   Healthy Seas


When a fishing net is lost or intendedly dumped it doesn’t lose its function: it keeps on fishing until it decomposes into another danger after 600 – 800 years, so-called microplastics. Every year several millions of sea creatures die, because they got caught in these uncontrollably floating ghost nets. They account for 46 % of the plastic waste in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the whole patch being 4,5 times the size of Germany. Bracenet together with partners, Ghost Fishing, Healthy Sea & Nofir, retrieve and clean the ghost nets all over the world and convert them into bracelets. More than a pretty accessory: an aide memoire, an inspiration and a conversation starter. Our aim is to make everyone aware of the danger caused by ghost nets. By wearing your Bracenet you become an ambassador to our joint goal: to protect the seas. Every Bracenet means a piece of ghost net less in the ocean. Your Bracenet is more than a bracelet, it is a personal and unique statement for protection of our oceans. Because every Bracenet means a piece of ghost net less. With this little accessory you will make a substantial contribution helping turn our oceans back into a paradise as they once were.




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