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Wellness Set

Every crystal has positive energy to give you, so when it's too hard to choose, why not have them all? Set includes our Stainless Steel Model with all 6 Crystals.
With our Miijo Wellness Set you can benefit from all six of our crystals. Every day we experience different feelings and come in contact with energies that affect us, this is why you may feel that a crystal that resonates with you today, may not have the same pull tomorrow. Changing the crystal to fit your intention focus each day will keep you moving towards your goals, and direct you away from negativity.
The Miijo Wellness Set also makes the perfect wholistic gift.  

6 crystals points:

  • Rose Quartz to attract unconditional love into your life
  • Clear Quartz to amplify energy within the body and other crystals. Clear mind of negativity. 
  • Citrine to attract wealth and abundance. Aid in the art of manifestation. 
  • Smoky Quartz to reconnect you with the earth and release negative emotions.
  • Amethyst to calm, balance and promote peace in your life.
  • Obsidian to awaken the warrior within you. Protects you from negativity. 

1 crystal water bottle in steel model. Email us if you would like to change model.

Miijo Crystal water bottles are approximately 550ml. As crystals are a natural product and each crystal may be a slightly different size and take up more or less room in the bottle.  

Our bottles are Borosilicate glass, which is less subject to thermal stress then other glasses.  The lid and base is made of either stainless steel, or sustainable bamboo.  The crystal is held in place with stainless wire.  The crystal is natural gemstone. Our crystals are sourced from Mozambique, Brazil, Madagascar and China.