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Starting With Self Workshop

Some things we have noticed in years of business:

* We get attached and create identities around our business.

* A lot of business comes from a place of fear or lack

* Business can be physically & mentally draining and take a toll on all areas of your life

* We can lose sight of why we started business

* Your business is financially stable or even growing yet you feel like something is missing. 

    In our experience we found that when we do business from this place, it becomes inauthentic and misaligned. Feelings of anxiety, internal struggle and a disconnect starts to creep in.

    This is a coming together as a collective to share and explore what it has been for us to do business from the inside out and the possibilities of what this could mean to you. 


    This workshop will include topics of:

    • Explore what is driving you in your business
    • The science of the mind and how you make decisions. 
    • What it means to do business with your head and heart.
    • Reconnect with your intuition and basic trust

    Thursday 1st October: 9am - 1pm

    Light refreshment provided. 

    Location: Heartspace Beauty Collective, 1/33 Stockton Street Nelson Bay. 
    This is an intimate space, with an intake of only 15
    people. Bring along keep cup and water bottle. 


    Ali Cameron of Ali Cameron Mentoring 

    Alicia Brown of Twigg and Bones

    Jodi Frizzel of Heartspace Coaching 


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