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Failure is Not an Option

jodi frizzel | 15 March, 2019

            Failure is Not an Option

My relationship with "failure" is positive. Ever since I can remember it has been.. 

I grew up the youngest of 3, with 2 older brothers. I was not winning too much with them around to compete with, but I didn't really care. Whether it was in play, wrestling over the last scoop in the ice-cream tub or the best seat on the lounge, coming last was a part of life. This made me resilient, conditioned to take failure on the chin, dust off and keep going. Soon enough I was desensitised and I saw this as a challenge and a motivation to become better, stronger, tougher. 

Fast forward to my adult years and these experiences became an integral part of my life resume. I opened my first business when I was 21. Back then there was no internet... seems surreal now. It wasn't a matter of creating a Facebook page and an Instagram account and you were live. There was no e-blast, buying mailing lists, boosting posts. No it was licking stamps and walking for hours after hours doing letter box drops!

I was at the pub one Friday night and a guy asked me "what happens if it doesn't work?" meaning the business fails. I looked at him, and realised that thought had not actually entered my mind. I had not visioned failure at all, not even close. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I totally believed with every bone in my body that I would eventually succeed. The same way as I did get a seat on the couch with my brothers. 

Don't get me wrong, business & life is a rollercoaster full of character building challenges. I didn't just sail into success, I have made many mistakes and had many learning experiences, some people call them failures. Every one of these experiences has been an accelerator toward my success. I now welcome them with open arms! The more set backs I have had the better I emerge on the other side.

This is my relationship with failure.

Good Vibes


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