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What is Positive Life Energy?

jodi frizzel | 26 February, 2019 | 117 Comments

            What is Positive Life Energy?

We have a lot of people ask about our motto "positive life energy" and what it actually means. I thought I would explain exactly what this means to us.. Mitch & Jodi "Miijo" :-)


When I think about the word positive, I feel this means moving towards something you are excited about, or feeling good about achieving. Achieving the outcome is irrelevant if you have "had a go" or improved yourself along the journey. Positive, is believing that failure is not a negative result. Positive, is not giving up but improving and learning. Positive can also be a feeling or approach towards something in life. Approaching challenges in a positive mindset can direct the outcome and impact it has on you. Everything about the word positive feels good, whether that is physical, mental or emotional.


"Life" is something I really took for granted until my late 20's. For some reason as we approach our 30's we seem to grow up and understand mortality. I describe this as a "resume of heartbreak". The more years we are on the earth the more challenges, births, deaths, break ups etc we chalk up. Naturally our coping mechanisms get better, but they all impact us in some way. Life is a series of decisions, and the amount of time we have is finite. Don't waste a moment, enjoy every rise and dip. There will be a curtain call, no doubt about that! Be sure you have done life the way you visioned.


Energy is what is required to do something.


Taking these 3 simple words and mashing them the result is : Always move positively towards something you want physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, knowing that life is there to be lived and is finite. Your life is your own.


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